• 2021-10-13: Email sending working again
  • 2021-09-26: Fanfiction.net is now working again (slowly).
  • 2021-09-17: After changing web host, i was able to reupload old fanfic from my archive backup and rebuilt the database. So every fanfic in the torrent is now available in the archive search for download. (Over 400k)
  • 2021-01-31: An old archive backup is available to download via a torrent Magnet link or Torrent file
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  • FanFiction.net
  • FictionPress.com
  • TODO: patronuscharm.net (Maybe ?)
  • HarryPotterFanFiction.com (Use URL finishing with /viewstory.php?psid=######)
  • HPFanFicArchive.com
  • FictionHunt.com
  • TODO:ficwad.com
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